How to Light a Wood Burning Stove

To light a fire you need only three things; oxygen, fuel and a spark! Let's look at each one in turn.

1. Oxygen

All wood burning stoves have an air inlet control. These allow you to restrict the amount of air that flows into your stove. When lighting a fire you want as much air as possible because the air contains oxygen. Therefore you want to adjust your inlet control accordingly.

To further increase oxygen supply you can leave the door slightly open when lighting the fire. Many stoves are also fitted with a latch which sets the door slightly ajar. Doing this maximises the draw of air into the stove, perfect for lighting your fire!

Once you have built up plenty of heat in your fire you can close the door and gradually restrict the supply of oxygen by adjusting your inlet control. 

If your fire starts to die at any stage simply increase the oxygen supply by adjusting the inlet control.

2. Fuel

Starting a fire needs more than one type of fuel. Firstly, you want a fuel that lights easily and generates energy quickly. The best fuel for the job is paper such as an old news paper or the paper that comes as padding in Amazon parcels.

Next, place one of our natural wood wool firelighters on top of the paper in the centre of the fire. This will burn for 5-8 minutes.

Then take some kiln dried kindling and place 3 or 4 sticks equally spaced on top of the paper. Then take a further 3 or 4 sticks placing them on top in the opposite direct. It's important there is spacing between the kindling to allow for the air to circulate around the fuel.

Lastly, place a kiln dried log on top of kindling. Press down slightly to ensure it's safely in place and won't fall out the fire.

It's important to keep your well stocked with fuel. If it starts to loose heat and die down adjust your air flow inlet and add more fuel. If the fire is really struggling you may need to add kindling again before adding a log again.

3. Spark!

Last but not least you need a match! Simply light the paper and watch the fire go!

If you need any help or advice on lighting or maintaining your fire please send a message to our team ( and we'd be happy to help.