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Kiln Dried Oak Logs - 8KG

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✅  25CM LOGS PERFECT FOR STOVES, CHIMINEAS & FIRE PITS - These are standard size logs and fit into most stoves, chimineas and fire pits. 

✅  APPROX. 8KG PER BAG - Logs come in all shapes and sizes which means it's impossible to provide an exact weight and size. Every bag will be slightly different.

✅  100% NATURAL OAK HARDWOOD - Kiln dried oak is the perfect wood for a hot, clean burn. The density of the wood means these logs will last longer than other hardwoods like birch.

✅  FSC CERTIFIED WOOD - This ensures our wood is sourced from forests that meet the highest environmental and social standards.

✅  WOODSURE CERTIFIED - This ensures our wood meets a minimum quality standard and contains less than 20% moisture content.