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Eco Firelighters - Made from Wood Wool and Wax - Great for Stoves, Pizza Ovens and BBQ's

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✅  NATURAL ECO FIRELIGHTERS - Only one firelighter required per fire, pizza oven or BBQ. When lighting a fire use with kindling.

✅  MADE FROM WOOD AND WAX - Made from natural materials and packed in a re-purposed cardboard box to help reduce waste.

✅  8 - 10 MINUTE BURN TIME - Long burn time makes them perfect for starting stoves, pizza ovens and BBQs.

✅  EASY TO LIGHT - Simply hold a match near the firelighter until it starts to burn independently. No need for petroleum fluid.

✅  ODOURLESS - Being made from natural materials means the firelighters burn without omitting an odour. Avoid the nasty smell of traditional firelighters.