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Premium Oak Wood Briquettes x 5 (10KG)

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✅  PACK OF 5 OAK BRIQUETTES (10KG) - These briquettes are perfect for a long slow burn. They haver been tested to burn for as long as 1.5hrs.

✅  EACH BRIQUETTE IS APPROX 27CM LONG - Although this is a large product, they can be easily broken in two making them suitable for all sizes of fire.

✅  100% NATURAL OAK HARDWOOD - Oak is perfect for a hot, clean burn. The dark natural appearance also ensures they look great when stored beside the fire.

✅  FSC CERTIFIED WOOD - This ensures our wood is sourced from forests that meet the highest environmental and social standards.

✅  WOODSURE CERTIFIED - This ensures our wood meets a minimum quality standard and contains less than 20% moisture content.

WARNING - These briquettes expand once the heat penetrates through them. Ensure the door is closed when placed in the fire and do not overload. If required, break the briquette in two prior to placing int he fire.